Petko Kantardzijev Mlinac, composer, arranger, music producer and sound engineer (Sofia, October 21, 1945). Son of a veterinarian microbiologist F. Mlinac. Graduated from high school and music school “Pavao Markovac”, in Zagreb 1964 then studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

He was a rock keyboardist from1961-68. in following bands: “John Doe”, “Kennedy Boys” and “Dolphins”, accompanist at the Zagreb city theater “Comedy” from 1968-71, then a sound engineer on Zagreb TV from 1969-89. (awarded for the best audio recordings on the Yugoslav Radio and Television from 1981-86) and the best music editor of TV magazine from 1969-70.

Founded a record label, Suzy, where he was a music producer from 1971-72, sound engineer in RTB 1974-76, founded and led “MM”, the first private multi-channel recording studio in the US from 1978-82., and was the head of a Multimedia Centre Youth Cultural Centre from 1987-88.

As a freelance artist he performed as a pianist in the US and abroad (Switzerland, Austria, Canada) from 1988-95. In 1996 has created and was the main music producer for chamber and symphonic music in the music production of HRT (Croatian Radio Television) and TV shows since 1997. called “Time for Jazz”. He composed for domestic music festivals more than 250 songs and pop songs. He also made choral works for the festival Days of Spiritual Music for Croatian youth and “Cro Patria” in Split.

Arranged approximately 500 entertaining song for small ensembles, magazines and tambura orchestra. As a sound engineer he recorded 150 albums domestic and foreign pop and jazz music, music for about 200 TV series, documentaries, feature and animated films (received Fisheye, M. Marusic, awards for Best Sound, Ottawa, Canada, in 1981 and Helsinki 1982), most often in cooperation with A. Kabilj, Igor Savin and T. Simovic. Achieved more than 5000 permanent studio recording for the Croatian radio. Was the main music producer for CDs: Ratko Vojtek, Dunja Knebl, ans “Cute”, String Quartet and Sebastian, Daniel Detoni, Dubravko Detoni, Marija Pavlovic and Martina Filjak (won two Porins for best production and best album of classical music in 2011), a double album Boris Papandopula .Two songs for girls’ choir a cappella (2009), three compositions for piano solo (2014), a collection of poems for Female vocals and piano on verses American poet John Grace Brown ( 2014).